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America, I will not allow man to control me through lies, deceit, greed and selfishness again! Are you with me?

Wow, I highly recommend watching “Hilary’s America”. It’s nothing like I expected. It’s a true story filled with facts about our history of the political parties up through today, with interviews by experts in their fields from universities, etc. This … Continue reading

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Will America be a blessed nation by God or become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

*Millions of believers are blind to the disaster a Clinton presidency will be to their jobs, their church and their children. *God was on the throne when Hitler rose to power. God was on the throne when Stalin extinguished the … Continue reading

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Wow! It hurts my heart to see how some christians are acting in this election…

As a christian, what saddens me more in this election than our options we have for president, is how so many christians are acting in all of this.  I’ve seen and heard nasty remarks, un-friending on social media, harsh and … Continue reading

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