Wow! It hurts my heart to see how some christians are acting in this election…

As a christian, what saddens me more in this election than our options we have for president, is how so many christians are acting in all of this.  I’ve seen and heard nasty remarks, un-friending on social media, harsh and hateful words when others aren’t seeing things like they do.

Remember the acronym WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)  Well that’s a great question so let’s take a look.  There’s nothing new under the sun today that didn’t happen over 2000 years ago.  What is going on in our nation today was going on in Jesus’ day.  So how did Jesus handle things when sin was all around?  When rulers and kings were over nations who were selfish, power hungry, greedy and with destruction as part of their plan?

First and foremost He stayed in communion with His Heavenly Father, seeking out His will daily and then following His plan.  As he went about preaching, teaching, and admonishing many, we see that He spoke with humble confidence filled with love and acceptance.  What does that mean?  Well, His humility was that even though He knew who He was, the Son of the living God with greater power than any man on earth, He went about humbly with a servant’s heart and spoke God’s truth in love to others. His confidence, was that He knew the truth and that it shall prevail no matter what man may say, and that the truth will set us free if we believe and follow it.  He knew that His Father, the Living God reigns over all kings, powers and nations.  He knew God “was”, “is” and “always will be”.  He knew He is the “I AM”.  Once Jesus spoke this truth in love to many, He loved and accepted them right where they were.  Some followed and desired to hear more.  I know this made Jesus joyful as He knew the hope, peace and joy that follows in following the truth and promises of God.  But, some accused Him of many terrible things.  Some mocked Him and lied about Him.  Some wanted to kill Him.  But He never treated them with the hate and strife and un-friending that I see so many christians doing today.  No, rather He loved them and accepted their choice and went on about His Father’s plan.

You see Jesus knew that God created us all to have freedom of choice and that in our own human power we cannot change any man from his choices.  No matter how much we yell, argue or try to force them to see it our way.  God won’t even take away our right of choice.   But, we can live a life humbly confident in who our God is and know that His truth shall prevail, and that it has set us free of this world’s bondage, and we can love and accept them right where they are.  That doesn’t mean we agree with them.  That doesn’t mean we give up our values.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences to choices that are made, we all know there are.  But we can’t make them change, but we can live what we believe with humility, confidence, love and acceptance.  By doing so, we can speak what the truth has done for us in our own lives and how through our loving Heavenly Father we have found a hope, peace and joy unlike any other.  We know that He is the bread of Life, the well of living water that never runs dry.  A God who has power over death, and gives us hope of eternal life through the sacrifice of his only begotten son.  We can tell them our praise of Him and what He’s done for us as an individual, and how through communion with Him through prayer, and reading and placing our hope in the promises of His word of truth that we have been set free and accept His gift of mercy and grace.  Then, no matter how each individual responds (like Jesus – some desiring this, some ridiculing us, some mocking us, some lying about us, whatever it may be) we should love and accept them right where they are.  We should allow them to continue their lives as they choose, loving and accepting them.

And as we go on in our daily lives, we can show them our hope, peace and joy by living a life truly confident in God’s promises, God’s almighty power, His never-ending love, with the greatest wisdom ever, and His perfect timing.  In a world that’s broken filled with hurts, pains and strife, where the rain and the sun fall both on the just and the unjust.  And when hard times hit, as we all know they will, we can stand firmly on the promises of God, showing them we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us (Phil 4:13).  That when we feel like life is falling apart, we have a firm foundation to stand on that’s not sinking beneath us.  And when we feel we can’t take another step, cry another tear, go without another night of sleep, that we can trust in the one who created us to hold us lovingly, hearing our every cry, being right by our side, never leaving us (Heb 13:5) even when those around us do.  And even when evil is all around, we can claim His promises that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).  And with confidence we can know that rulers, kings, and presidents can have their time here on earth to rule.  But one day, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord of lords (Rom 14:11), the King of kings, and is the Ruler of all Nations for now into eternity.

So, back to the 2016 election.  Personally, my choice during the elections has never been democrat, republican nor libertarian.  You will see on my facebook page, that I’ve always had under my political headline: What’s closest to God’s word “One Nation Under God” Psa 46:10 “…I will be exalted above all nations…”  Since Jesus himself isn’t running, I can study, research, pray and seek Godly wisdom to choose those closest to God’s truth.  As I believe the closer we follow God’s word, the greater peace, joy and hope we will have as He desires to provide a safe, loving haven for us if we will allow ourselves to rest in His love, mercy and grace.  For me it’s that simple.  God promises in 2 Chron 7:14 “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”   As one child of the King (christian), I choose to do this and stand firmly on His truths*.  And I pray many more are too.  If we do we can claim His promise.  If we “choose” not to, then the consequences shall be.  I pray for America’s sake we do.  But, no matter who gets in, Clinton or Trump, if we go to November 9, 2016 after it’s all said and done, we can be confident in this:  Another day of God’s perfect sovereignty.**  He will still be in charge!  He will still be on the throne!  Understanding God’s sovereignty over all nations, kings, presidents and powers now through eternity provides a peace that is amazing!

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!

*a great blog from Ann Graham Lotz on “It’s time to take a stand”

** a great blog from Max Lucado on November 9, 2016 –


About Jackie Wood

Jackie is a loving wife, mother & grandmother. She's been married to her husband Ron since 1982 and they've owned a small business serving their community, holding the highest designation in their industry. Her heart's desire is to love God, Family & Country spreading the fruits of the spirit everywhere she goes, but she has no problem standing firm for truth and justice in whatever she does or wherever she goes. Jackie’s priorities in life are: 1) To put God first (love Him with all her heart, soul, mind & strength), 2) love others, and 3) to serve the world — she accomplishes this daily by supporting her husband in his business, and serving her customers in her business as well as helping to support several non-profits that are near and dear to her heart, and through her life experiences, she helps others hurting and in need as she’s a “Life Experience” mentor in her community. She also writes and publishes blogs like this, hoping her life experiences can bring healing, peace, joy, and laughter to others. Her philosophy in life is simple: Live Well, Love Much & Laugh Often! Jackie is a recovering codependent perfectionist and as you get to know more about her, you’ll realize life hasn’t always been an easy one; battling things physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally, she has allowed the difficult times to be stepping stones in her life, rather than stumbling blocks. She and Ron became caregivers for her father and stepmom for over 8 years after he had a stroke until the end of his life, which was a very challenging time, but also feeling honored to be able to give of themselves to care for them. During this time she was unable to write blogs as she would have liked, but that was a season of time that provided many learning and growing experiences that she may share in her blogs at some point. Through the many tough times of life, she’s learned to respond in faith and confidence, rather than to react with anger, fear, and anxiety, which at one time in her life had her in a panic-ridden, anxious, stagnated state. She’s persevered and has allowed these difficulties to build character and integrity, giving all praise and glory to God, her Creator, Lord, and Savior, and BFF (Best Friend Forever) for ALWAYS being the one Constant, Stable, Dependable, Firm Foundation in her life, WITHOUT FAIL in this ever-changing world we live in. She shares with hopes and prayers that her experiences will help bring joy, guidance, direction, hope, and peace to those who read her blogs. Wishing you all an amazingly full life filled with faith, hope, and love, with the greatest of these being love. God bless! 1 Corinthians 13:13
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2 Responses to Wow! It hurts my heart to see how some christians are acting in this election…

  1. Maureen says:

    Wonderful, timely blog. Thank you for sharing with us!!

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