In This Election – Remember, One Thing Remains!!


So, anyone who has read my blogs knows my passion is to vote for the one who’s looking to uphold that which is closest to God’s word.  And as God’s child, I’ve always had a peace whichever way this election goes as I know our Heavenly Father is ultimately in control.  But, as I’ve been watching, listening, reading blogs, seeing news, hearing some argue their opinions, some unfriending others on social media, it’s been heartbreaking to see such division rather than unity.  My desire is to speak the truth that’s in my heart with love, but agree to disagree with those who aren’t where I am, and to love each person right where they are, and believing in the power of prayer, seeking His word for truth and asking the Holy Spirit to direct myself and others as we make our decisions.

As I sat and pondered all that’s been going on, it hit me.  When God created us He wanted us to have complete freedom of choice, which He provided, and will never take that freedom away from us.  He allows us the opportunity to choose things that are best for us, and he also allows us the freedom to make bad choices – of course we reap the benefits or consequences, we all know that’s the way it works.  But either choice we make God’s love does not change.  His love never fails.  He loves us unconditionally.  And because He cannot look upon sin, but loves us so much, He made a way for us to be reunited with Him forever through the life, death and resurrection of His one and only son Jesus Christ in which I am so grateful.

We have been blessed the same way here in America, where we have the freedom of choice, where again laws are provided for our protection and if we obey we can come and go freely, but if not, we pay the consequences.  With this election, more than ever, I can see so clearly how God has blessed America with having the freedoms of choice.  Free to own our own business, our own homes.  Buy the cars we want.  Stay single or be married.  Come and go when we want.  Attend the church that we want, or not attend at all.  Go out and have fun when we want.  Go on vacations when and where we want.  And I could go on and on.  I also know that these freedoms aren’t always provided throughout our history as some men have tried to govern and rule over man.  Such as Hitler, Saddam and more.  After looking at both candidates for President I see one  who has messed up many times and continues to, but who I believe loves our country and will fight for it and our freedoms.  And I see another one who absolutely has done evil, unexplained, heart-wrenching things now proven, and being brought to our attention even more in the last few days, who I believe truly desires to rule us and remove the freedoms we have come to know and love, using lies and deception to make us think she has our good at heart.

As a christian I trust God’s word, and believe the many verses that says “fear not” and whichever one becomes our next president we have a Heavenly Father whom I know I can depend on, trust and who has already won the battle.  No matter what may come in our future, I know that I will have eternal life forever.  What I see with Trump getting in, is that our freedoms to truly make our own choices will be allowed.  What I see with Hilary getting in, is that we will all lose our freedoms to truly make our own choices, and more and more will be governed and told what we can and can’t do.  We may not see it ourselves, but our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will.  But again, I know that God’s in control, and saying that isn’t saying that I’m naive’ and don’t see what could happen.

In a nutshell, here’s what I believe is a good possibility.  If Trump gets in we will have the freedoms we have all grown to know and love, but if Hillary gets in I believe we will lose those freedoms.

And whichever way it goes I am confident in this – that God cares more about our eternal souls than our temporary bodies – and if He sees that more souls will be saved by providing us the freedoms we’ve come to know and love by sharing with others the hope, peace and joy we’ve found in him that’s wonderful.

But, if He sees that more souls would be saved where our freedoms will be taken away from us, and we are told what we can and cannot do, and that we can no longer worship our God but another god, like the time of King Nebuchadnezzar with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3) – where when the rubber hit the road, and they were given the choice to bow to another god or be put in the fiery furnace – they chose their Living God and did not bow – Then God’s power was shown through saving them in the fire, and many knees bowed and turned to our living, almighty God.  Only God knows the future.

But I am confident in this. That our God is a God of love who desires a personal relationship with each of us and wants to pour His blessings on us. And whatever man may do, I am confident as His child that I am promised a hope beyond this temporary life.  My desire is to share this hope I’ve found in Him with others has He’s made it available to all mankind.  I’m confident because He’s never failed me.  Man has many times.  But our Heavenly Father has been my firm foundation, my one constant in an ever changing world.  I know His love never fails and never gives up on me. He was, is and always will be.  He is the I AM.  I claim His words when He says “Fear Not” for death has no sting, the victory has been won, and Jesus is the King of all kings, Lord of all lords, and will reign forever, now into eternity.

Like Christ in the garden of Gethsemane I have been crying out in prayer for our nation.  Praying  for our eyes to be open to see what really is and not believe lies and deceit on whichever side it may be coming from.  I’ve prayed that evil will be exposed and that we may all see clearly what truly is before this election.  I’ve been crying out to God that He would spare America from evil and allow us to keep the freedoms we have grown to know and love so that we may spread the hope we’ve found in Him with others, telling them about the great news.  But, I also surrender my will to His as I know He knows the future, and I’m confident in His love for all mankind, in His wisdom to know what’s best, in His power to do what He sees is best, and in His perfect timing, not for our temporary pleasures, but for the hope of souls to be reunited with our amazing Heavenly Father for our eternal lives.  Please know whatever may come, one thing remains, God’s love never fails, it never gives up, and it never runs out on us.  Please listen to this song: One Thing Remains (God’s Love)

God bless you, and God bless America!

About Jackie Wood

Jackie is a loving wife, mother & grandmother. She's been married to her husband Ron since 1982 and they've owned a small business serving their community, holding the highest designation in their industry. Her heart's desire is to love God, Family & Country spreading the fruits of the spirit everywhere she goes, but she has no problem standing firm for truth and justice in whatever she does or wherever she goes. Jackie’s priorities in life are: 1) To put God first (love Him with all her heart, soul, mind & strength), 2) love others, and 3) to serve the world — she accomplishes this daily by supporting her husband in his business, and serving her customers in her business as well as helping to support several non-profits that are near and dear to her heart, and through her life experiences, she helps others hurting and in need as she’s a “Life Experience” mentor in her community. She also writes and publishes blogs like this, hoping her life experiences can bring healing, peace, joy, and laughter to others. Her philosophy in life is simple: Live Well, Love Much & Laugh Often! Jackie is a recovering codependent perfectionist and as you get to know more about her, you’ll realize life hasn’t always been an easy one; battling things physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally, she has allowed the difficult times to be stepping stones in her life, rather than stumbling blocks. She and Ron became caregivers for her father and stepmom for over 8 years after he had a stroke until the end of his life, which was a very challenging time, but also feeling honored to be able to give of themselves to care for them. During this time she was unable to write blogs as she would have liked, but that was a season of time that provided many learning and growing experiences that she may share in her blogs at some point. Through the many tough times of life, she’s learned to respond in faith and confidence, rather than to react with anger, fear, and anxiety, which at one time in her life had her in a panic-ridden, anxious, stagnated state. She’s persevered and has allowed these difficulties to build character and integrity, giving all praise and glory to God, her Creator, Lord, and Savior, and BFF (Best Friend Forever) for ALWAYS being the one Constant, Stable, Dependable, Firm Foundation in her life, WITHOUT FAIL in this ever-changing world we live in. She shares with hopes and prayers that her experiences will help bring joy, guidance, direction, hope, and peace to those who read her blogs. Wishing you all an amazingly full life filled with faith, hope, and love, with the greatest of these being love. God bless! 1 Corinthians 13:13
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